Can You Manage This? — Hi From Elianna, our SM

Hello everyone!

I’m Elianna Rosenschein, Hairspray’s Stage Manager.
I’ve been listening to the Hairspray cast recording since the week the show opened on Broadway; In other words: for two thirds of my life.
That recording made Hairspray one of the musicals that shaped my love (read: obsession) of musical theater. It’s a musical that could entertain me as a five-year-old with it’s songs and dances, and still as I got older and understood the plot and the issues it deals with.
Here are a few reasons I am excited to work on Hairspray:
  1. It has the fun of an old-time musical but with the sophistication and plot of a modern way of writing, which makes the show both entertaining and interesting.
  2. It already has a wonderful creative team behind it, and soon we’ll have a wonderful cast, too!
  3. Starting to work on a new show is always fun!
To wrap up this blog post I want to share one of my favourite songs from Hairspray which some of you might not be familiar with, because it was not included in the movie.
This is “Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now” from the original Broadway cast: