Audition Tips from Yaeli – Dancing

When you arrive at the audition you will spend some time learning a simple dance combination (several dance steps together).  There will be people outside of the audition room to welcome you and teach you the combination.  When you enter the audition room, you will sing the song you have prepared and then you will perform the dance.  Here are some tips on how to do it best:

  1. Don’t worry- it doesn’t have to be perfect, we just want to see how you move. Do your best.
  2. Make it flow- try to connect all the moves together, try to look like you’re not thinking about it.
  3. Act-  Pick a character and dance like they would. Do it with personality.
  4. Don’t be shy-If you feel you have more to show, you can ask to display other talents (Ballet, Acrobatics, different style etc’)
  5. Never apologize at an audition. If you don’t mention it we wont notice it. Speak, sing and dance with confidence.
  6. Have fun!
Best of luck!!!