Don’t Stop The Beat – from Flo our Producer

Last week, Hairspray – Jerusalem welcomed 73 talented, enthusiastic aspiring performers for three intense days including auditions and then callbacks.  More impressive than the talent (which was extremely impressive!) is the love and dedication to community theatre and, in particular, for this show.  I am always excited about the opportunity to work with familiar faces and friends who, through theatre, have become like family to me; in addition, we saw people who had never been involved in a Jerusalem production before, or in any musical theatre production.  It made me realize, again, just how special Jerusalem community theatre can be.

Eli and Flo

But then comes the heartbreaking process of decision-making – and let me assure you, it is as heart-breaking for the casting committee as it is for every actor and actress who gets disappointing news.  There is so much talent in Jerusalem, but only so many roles in each show – and, surprisingly, Hairspray doesn’t even have a chorus!  Also, casting a show is like putting together a puzzle or playing a game of tetris – it isn’t just about a single piece, but how all the pieces fit together, and there are several different possible combinations.  And so it is inevitable that many people with exceptional talent will not be cast, but it is heartbreaking to have to make those choices, and to have to disappoint such gifted performers.
The good news is that Hairspray – Jerusalem is about a lot more than “just” what happens on stage.  There is a lot of work to be done, and many fun, creative roles “behind-the-scenes.”  
  • Are you curious about lighting and set design?  This is your opportunity to work closely with our Director, who studied at NYU and has worked on and off Broadway.
  • Are you hooked on America’s Next Top Model?  Our hair and make-up designer used to work on the runway!
  • Do you dream of being an event planner?  Help us plan our “Welcome to the 60s!” Hairspray-Jerusalem Launch Party, the hottest upcoming event in town!
  • Do you have a nose for the news?  We’re looking for social media mavens, PR geniuses and marketing experts to get the word about Hairspray – Jerusalem to the masses.
In short – the sky is the limit, and it all begins now.  Please be in touch to find out how you can be involved! 
PS  Stay tuned later this week to hear about two new and exciting Hairspray – Jerusalem partnerships!