Our Very Own Tracy, Happy to be Hairspraying!

WOW. Just w-o-w. I’m so excited/nervous/scared/happy about being involved in such an amazing production; HAIRSPRAY!
I have so many firsts when it comes to this show; first time singing, acting and dancing in front of more then 3 people=)! 
The whole experience is so overwhelming 
and first rehearsal was terrifying. Who am I to be in a room with such talented and amazing people, when I have never done something like this before? But very quickly I realised how supportive and incredible all the people involved in the show are, and how quickly they accepted me into a fantastic world I knew nothing about.
It’s always been my dream to be in Hairspray, and I am so blessed and excited to be involved in this show.
Thanks to everyone for giving me a chance to make my dream come true [I know it sounds kitschy  but its true…;)].
Hope we have fun, and good luck to all!!!