Ruah Bella: Make-up and Hair Artist

Hey I’m Ruah Bella! I am so happy to be a part of HAIRSPRAY Jerusalem! There is nothing better then a community event bringing people together of all ages and backgrounds. Truly its a honor and I am so excited! Although the real talents are the ones performing, it does help to have make-up and hair, and just like I always said backstage at fashion shows… “It is the best accessory to any ensemble because it just brings it to life.” I hope to achieve success with bringing Hairspray to another level by enhancing the atmosphere and vibe! 

Ruah Bella is a beauty scholar and entrepreneur. Originally from Boston and New York, she just made Aliyah several months ago, leaving a fast growing career in the beauty industry and taking a leap of faith to come to Israel and feed her soul. Beginning a career in the fashion industry is what got her started on her path into beauty. She graduated a Medical Esthetics Ruah Bellaprogram in Massachusetts, with degrees ranging from a wax or facial to laser hair removal and chemical peeling. She then opened a small spa on Newbury Street in Boston and was catapulted to the top of the Boston scene for her work. She has worked on skins of television and movie personalities, countless models, politicians and elites. Her goal with each individual client is to achieve the highest level of confidence from merging inner beauty with outer beauty. At the time, primarily focusing on skin care, she decided to try her hand at make-up and hair when a neighbouring modelling agency asked her to step in for a photo-shoot. Her talent for make-up was something that left her clients almost speechless. She went on to sign with an agency who represented make-up artists in Boston, New York and Los Angeles, while completing assignments for world wide advertisement campaigns as well as magazines across America (Betsey Johnson, Clarke Shoes, Hasbro, and David’s Bridal just to name a few). She was lead make-up artist at Boston Fashion week and worked for the production the past 4 years. Ruah Bella also worked for the high-end celebrity favoured make-up line called Laura Mercier, travelling across New England to teach at different Sephora’s (a famous beauty store chain around the world) in her spare time, and she enjoys teaching tips and tricks so much that she still offers classes and tutorials! You can look for her services and prices at Facebook: Ruah Bella Beauty or email Ruah Bella directly at!