Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now – Hello from Jonny, our Edna Turnblad!

My name is Jonny and I have a secret. Twice to three times a week I triple my size, age 25 years, eat my feelings and go home to a zany husband and a pioneer daughter. I become Edna Turnblad.

I would only don a fat-suit for one woman. Edna is a wonderful character to play, particularly for a guy. She’s a big woman with a massive heart and perfect comic timing. She has her very own poignant path to follow. We can laugh along her journey from a timid, hard working, agoraphobic home-maker Jonny Rosento a blossoming, sexy, vibrant woman. She’s perfectly rounded in every sense and I am delighted to have been given the chance to bring her to life.

Besides maybe a stage production of Pitch Perfect, (note to Broadway producers everywhere- get this created) there is no other musical production I would consider being part of right now. Not only is the musical pretty great in its own right (even the 2007 movie was a total rompy blast) this production is something to be particularly proud of. The sense of community is tremendous and the direction is mighty with a hefty dose of vision all round.

It wasn’t a hard choice to take on this role, particularly for a show that manages to touch on so many themes including tolerance and racial awareness. To be able to put this on in Jerusalem is nothing short of outstanding.

This show will pack a whole load of punches in so many ways- it’s a light hearted, deeply entertaining feel-good musical that you will just want to watch again and again. You definitely will not stop the beat.