Me, Myself and Penny- A note from Marni Schamroth

I’ll start off by introducing myself as Marni Schamroth, a student at Tzvia Omaniyot, majoring in art and completely obsessed with the theater world. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been following all the latest shows and now I am back on the stage for my 4th production as Penny Pingleton, the quirky, out of place, funny girl who is so inspired by new things and adventures that she’s inspired me. Penny understands that there’s nothing better than being a great friend. Also the character is screaming to get out. She’s constantly bossed around by her mother and she is the only character in the show that breaks the boundaries and actually “dates” Seaweed. Together they teach each other different things. Most the times she is scared and nervous but with a happy and good-natured side to back her up. She’s not out there to show-off and boost her ego but to find the truth about her being and help Tracy with her dream along the way. She’s a good listener and she knows how to have fun.
Marni Schamroth
This role is a blast for me and different from other roles I’ve played in the fact that Penny is so bizarre and wacked out. She can’t dance in the beginning and you sort of see this improvement once she learns the moves. She breaks the prejudice barriers to the extreme!!! You can’t find any other sidekick like her. She’s got that spark that makes her more than just a simple sidekick to Tracy. She is what we call in society a “close friend”.

Our director Eli is just chasing this beautiful vision and knows what he wants and he took along this all-star cast and crew to make it a reality. My dancing skills have upgraded with the help of Yaelli the choreographer, and I can hit new notes I never knew I had in me with the help of Jeff the musical director. Everyone in this cast is just so perfectly casted and so talented. Even though I have known some of them from other shows I have never felt so alive than in this shows rehearsals. They still surprise me with their new ideas or wacky shenanigans during the making of this production. I’ve made such great friends here and I am so grateful because even though the show is already amazing each person has taught me and vice-versa a piece of information to take after the show and that makes me feel very special and part of a unique family that all share the same ideas. And THAT is what will make the show 10 times better and bigger than all these blogs make it out to be. There is great chemistry and fantastic connections between the actors and the roles they display that not many other shows have. We have this feeling of belonging and the power to suck in the audience to that world.

I am so excited for this show I have been dreaming of this show and this role ever since I got hooked. Words can barely describe how much I love this cast and what they are helping me overcome it is magical.

I first joined theater thinking this is what is going to break me free from my bubble. Once upon a time I had a simple life that blossomed to my expectations. Forget the sky being the limit, after being involved with this Jerusalem theater community Pluto is the limit. Something inside me was pushing. And every show was a bigger step forward.

People think theater is only for the fun but after growing up and learning more about myself as a person it just isn’t only that. I learned so much for life from even the small stuff it has to offer. I have gained confidence and I am bringing out my old self and showing it in the show, jumping into reality and teaching us all that we can make progress and continue to adapt to ourselves and always advance forward in all that we do.

When you see that special thing on stage, that energy that comes to life, it makes you whole. Both the audience and the team. We worked for this and now its coming together. I put my all in this group and 100% in my work and I can safely say this is one show you don’t want to miss.