Our Corny Collins – Daniel Rottner – Gives His Serious Thoughts

Although I’ve only been to a few rehearsals I can already see the energy flowing from this production. From the awesome choreography I saw in the Facebook videos to the incredible musical directing of Jeff and of course what I’ve experienced thus far the directing talent of our director Eli and of course the wonderful cast and crew, I can’t say I’ve never been more excited about a show as much as this production. Daniel RottnerEveryone seems so happy and energetic and Its a wonderful thing to watch unfold. I’d like to address to the public that this is one musical you don’t wanna miss.

I grew up in Canada and Miami and in both worlds never explored the wonderful world of theater until my aliyah to Israel 7 years ago where I found the love and attention theater deserves.
I want to say that to me Corny Collins comes in top 3 of the most interesting roles to play and I’m really excited to test the limit and create my own version of the character. All the characters in this show are awesome and have so much meaning and fun connected to them and the play itself is such a head opener showing the world how it was back in the day in a light and also dark manner. With jokes almost every line and jazzy/bluesy songs to accompany I can safely say it is one of the better choices for a show by far. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s input in the show and how it becomes a sensation!

The show is full of references so thanks to the Hairspray script, I got to know who this talented and funny man is: