Top Ten Reasons to See Hairspray- A council member shares her excitement

Hi! I’m Hallel, and I play the role of Shelley, one of the council member girls on the Hallel RabinowitzCorny Collins Show. I love theater, I love Hairspray, and you know what else I love? Lists. So I have compiled a list of the top-ten reasons why YOU should come in March to see Hairspray Jerusalem! What’s that you say? You haven’t gotten tickets yet? Well you won’t be able to resist after reading this list.

And away we go…

1- Theater in general is a great way for people of all ages to take a break from their busy schedules, and glide into a different world. Come join us somewhere else for two hours. In this case, it’s Baltimore in the early 60’s, and it’s a great place to be!

2-This show is full of ENERGY. Already in rehearsals you can feel the massive levels of energy bouncing off the walls and just continuing to grow. The whole room is filled with this strange feeling of excitement just ready to burst out on stage once the show gets underway. (Ah! I’m so excited just thinking about it!)

3- Let’s be real- one of the most important things about a show is the audience’s ability to follow the plot and identify with the characters. Hairspray is a classic Disney-like tale of an outcast girl who proves herself by setting out on a journey bigger than herself (no pun intended) and yes, at the end gets her Prince Charming. This all unfolds after meeting some pretty funny characters with some serious funny lines and scenes along the way. So get ready to laugh. A lot. 😀

4- The Hairspray Jerusalem production team has selected a wonderful cast to go on stage this March. This extremely talented group of people (if I may say so myself ;)…) love being with each other, with that love translating into a devotion to put on a great performance for you. Now all you have to do is get a ticket, sit back, and enjoy the show.

5- This specific production of Hairspray is full of surprises and your only way to find out what they are is by coming to see the show. If you have seen Hairspray somewhere else, that is no excuse to not come and see Hairspray Jerusalem. This unique performance is something different, something fresh, something new.

6- There are 15 fantastic dance and song numbers throughout the show that we have been working on for months. Its great music combined with some fabulous and creative choreography. From five-part harmonies to high lifts and leaps, Hairspray Jerusalem is going to make you want to get up on your feet to SING and DANCE!

7- The chorus in Hairspray Jerusalem is made up of a wide variety of characters on stage, each with their own individual personality. Be on the lookout for the council members on the Corny Collins Show and record shop kids, who each have their own funny character traits (such as Tammy- played by Shira Potter, who has a tendency to always lose her balance…).

8- Usually when coming to see a play, you appreciate what you see in front of you (namely the actors on stage), but there are so many other people working on this show that are equally involved in making the production as good as it’s going to turn out. From lighting, to publicity, props, music, and rehearsal scheduling, there are so many quality people in so many different capacities that it just HAS TO BE AWESOME.

9- Hairspray presents many important messages and food for thought on a variety of different topics relevant to Israeli society today. Whether it’s a desire to successfully integrate, dealing with self-image, or maintaining one’s identity, Hairspray has a number of universal issues that will resonate with everyone. Despite the serious undertones, it’s a hilarious family show that will have the audience laughing nonstop.

10- Jerusalem’s community theater is a really great thing. It’s a bunch of incredible people doing what they love to do, learning from one another, and together building a community by forming beautiful friendships between people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds in order to bring a quality show to the Jerusalem stage. Hairspray is your chance to support this amazing community, which has become a home to so many of us.

Can’t wait to see you all at Hairspray Jerusalem!

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